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Naturally the Best

Looking for an alternative to your monthly heating bill?

Taylor Waterstoves are a safe, effective, and efficient way to heat your home, shop, pool, greenhouse, or any other structure. Beat the high cost of heating with gas, propane, or electricity. Ask us how the Taylor Waterstove can give you practically free heat for 20 years OR MORE!!

We are the official distributor for Taylor Manufacturing in south-central Virginia and north-central North Carolina. We are located in Blairs, VA, just north of Danville, and service all surrounding areas.

We Deliver! Join our many satisfied customers, and see how we go the extra mile for you! Call us today!

Tested and Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Taylor Waterstove offers the safest way to heat any structure. All fire is taken out of your home or building and only hot water is pumped inside, providing you with purer, cleaner air and lower insurance rates than with an indoor wood stove. Taylor units are also vented into the air, eliminating the dangers and regulations of a pressurized boiler.

Hot water is pumped through an insulated pipe to a heat exchanger unit located in your heating duct work, or through an existing hot water system or baseboard water unit and through a separate line to your hot water tank for domestic hot water. The warmth provided by a Taylor Waterstove is controlled by a thermostat inside your home or building. Unlike ordinary wood stoves, it heats every room uniformly. Your domestic water stays hot, no matter how long you run it; laundry, showers, dishes, etc.

Taylor Waterstoves of Virginia
4972 Route 29 North
Blairs, VA 24527
(434) 836-HEAT