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In addition to sales, we provide installation services for the Waterstove as well. We will deliver to your home, and install all pipes and wiring needed for the stove to work. Every installation is different, so call us to arrange a site survey to provide an installation estimate.


To ensure maximum life of your Waterstove, it is recommended that you service your stove each year. We carry all necessary parts to service your stove. If we don't have it in stock, we order direct from the manufacturer.

If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, we will come out to your house and do this service for you. Our clean out service involves pulling up to 400 gallons of chemically treated water from your stove into our portable tank. We then drain and flush your stove, check the gaskets and tube, change out the anti-corrosive rod, recycle the water into the tank, and add water and chemicals as necessary.

Clean Out Service:      $225
Anti-corrosion rod:      $34
Chemical:                     $32 /qt
Travel: Travel beyond 35 miles of the Blairs, VA area will incur an additional charge. Call for details.

Taylor Waterstoves of Virginia
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